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About This Blog

This is a blog about great legal writing and great legal strategies.  The blog deals primarily with cases in the California courts of appeal and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  All cases are fair game for discussion, but this blog focuses most closely on those cases — whether criminal or civil — that involve interesting strategic problems and opportunities for practitioners.

To some extent, this blog is also a discussion of substantive law, but usually only in those cases where the substantive law has strategic implications.

Nothing in this blog is legal advice.  Nor is it by any means a definitive take on the complex and continually shifting fields it addresses.

About the Author:

Alex Coolman is a San Francisco-based attorney.  A graduate of UC Berkeley and UC Hastings College of the Law, he is a member of the Board of Directors of California Appellate Defense Counsel.  Mr. Coolman worked as a journalist and as a human rights policy advocate before becoming an attorney and continues to write about issues of public policy.  He also served as an editorial consultant on the 2006 report Understanding California Corrections, published by the California Policy Research Center.

Mr. Coolman can be contacted at Tel: (415) 695-1820, Fax: (415) 329-3998. 2440 16th St. #266, San Francisco, CA 94103. Email:

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