Author of Briggs Initiative: CA Death Penalty “Simply Does Not Work”

The co-author of a 1978 California initiative that expanded the category of crimes that could qualify for the death penalty has written that capital punishment in California “isn’t working for California” and has become “fiscally ruinous.”

Ron Briggs wrote in the LA Times yesterday that

[W]e created a fiscal monster that’s taking a human toll on the very people we wanted to protect.

The ineffective legal beast created by California’s death penalty laws costs taxpayers more than $100 million annually and ties up the lives of prosecutors and victims who could be moving on to other things.

We thought our 1978 initiative created a system to support victims’ families. It didn’t. The only people benefiting today are the lawyers who handle expensive appeals and the criminals who are able to keep their cases alive interminably.

The Briggs death penalty law in California simply does not work.

Briggs argues that the death penalty should be replaced with life without parole.

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